Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Studio Avalon Berlin DE

Believe it or not, the shot below is not from a hospital or doctor’s office. It’s actually the medical playspace at Studio Avalon, located in Berlin. I knew the German BDSM houses had a reputation for being well equipped and very professionally run, but I didn’t realize quite how sophisticated they were. They also provide an impressive list of some of the typical therapeutic treatments available. Alternatively, if your tastes run more to kill rather than cure, they have a number of other rooms, including one with a functioning electric chair. Although their version of the chair has a seat attachment I’ve not typically seen on the more fearsome US version.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Alpha Tokyo S&M Love Hotel

©by Nathalie Doust

L’ultimo progetto di Nathalie Daoust intitolato “Tokyo Hotel Story” continua l' esplorazione della sessualità femminile e della sovversione degli stereotipi di genere.
Nathalie ha trascorso alcuni mesi nell’ Alpha In uno dei più grandi S&M “love hotels” in Giappone.
Qui ha fotografato 39 donne nelle loro stanze private, circondate dai loro equipaggiamenti e vestite (svestite) con costumi che definiscono la loro specialità.
Il suo lavoro porta gli spettatori oltre i taboo mentre mostra l’universale desiderio umano di fuoriuscita dalla realtà e di creazione di mondi fantastici che, spesso, oscillano tra sogno, realtà e perversioni.

are 3D images of the 26 rooms in the S&M Love Hotel. By photographing each space empty – without the girls – Daoust allows the viewer an intimate, even voyeuristic glimpse into these bare rooms.

Friday, February 12, 2010

SMCLUB-O, Oensingen CH

Wir sind eine lockere, nichtkommerzielle Runde von SM-Interessierten,
die wissen, was sie wollen, oder noch auf der Suche sind -
Anfänger und Erfahrene, Frauen und Männer, jung und alt.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

ESS&EMM, South Warwickshire UK

When it comes to dungeon hire and rental Ess & Emm is the UK's finest purpose built bed, breakfast and dungeon facility, consisting of two separate double bedroom cottage B&B and dungeon suites suitable for overnight visits.
The Studio, a third dungeon that is bookable by the hour and is suitable for shorter visits - even as a last minute booking. All our facilities are designed and equipped specifically for people who want to indulge in their SM, BDSM, bondage or fetish interests or simply spice up their sex life. It is set in seclusion in the South Warwickshire countryside (England), 10 minutes from junction 12 of the M40.

Suite One: Downstairs the accommodation consists of a large playroom, fully equipped with the highest quality dungeon equipment, a modern fully equipped kitchen and a wet room.
Upstairs, the playroom is furnished with electrically operated equipment, has a luxurious double shower and the galleried landing allows viewing over the downstairs playroom. The bedroom is more relaxing with en suite whirlpool spa bath and French doors to a balcony overlooking the small private walled garden. TV, video, CD player and iPod docking station.

Suite Two: Downstairs accommodation consists of a fully equipped playroom, a padded rubber cell (large enough to fit several people in) and a small kitchen.
Upstairs the bedroom is equipped with a purpose built wrought iron four-poster bondage bed with a cage underneath, a large bathroom with whirlpool spa bath with shower over. TV, video, CD player and iPod docking station.

The Studio: Fully equipped main playroom including: bondage bed, rack with cage under, bondage wheel, whipping bench, throne etc.
Bedroom with: bed, very well lit dressing table, wigs, make-up, larger-sized shoes, boots and clothes. Shower room with walk-in shower and gynae chair.

© essandemm.com


Strict Pleasures is a people friendly dungeon, managed and hosted by a welcoming couple who have several years and a broad range of BDSM experience. It is located in a quiet and rural part of West Sussex at the foot of the rolling South Downs.

The playroom is set in the large basement of a beautiful stone cottage.

Dungeon equipment: St. Andrews Cross,Lxuriously padded spanking bench, Fetters Gynaecological examination bench, Ladder back bondage chair.

© strictpleasures.com/

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


The Kink Academy is proud to be a theatrical wonderland to play out all of your erotic fantasies. Each themed room is specially equipped to make every play experience as real as possible! With custom furniture and props you can live out your most specific desires, surrounded by an atmosphere that lets you focus on enjoying yourself to the fullest!
Our current location is an impressive new space, which has 6 available areas of play, totaling in over 4,500 square feet. Each themed room is fully prepared for all kinds of scenes, events, and classes: the cellar, the chamber, the cottage, the hall, the lounge, the meadow.
The building is close to Boston, Massachusetts, easily off I93 with plenty of on-street parking.

© www.kinkacademy.com

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Miss MIRANDA, London UK

My Hanwell premises have 3 separate multi-level playrooms, perfect to cover most scenarios for both the novice to experienced slave. Whatever your level, limits are respected and tested.
1) The Main Dungeon 20x20 foot air conditioned mirrored with en suite
2) The Medical room 16x9 with en suite
3) The Suspension and Mummification room 16x14 mirrored and sound proofed

The Main Dungeon
Fully mirrored, the main dungeon is 20x20 foot with air conditioning and en-suite bathroom and shower. Themed in Aqua Marine Blue this chamber has an impressively large selection of bondage furniture made by Fetters, Dungeon crafts and more, including a bespoke multi position bondage table designed to my own specifications which includes stocks, stretching rack, moveable 90 degree angle leg spreaders, gyn leg rests and moveable back positions all on the one piece of equipment plus covered in many heavy duty straps. Made of scaffolding this piece of equipment totally restrains even the most Houdini of slaves. This is something not to be missed. As you can see from the photos, there is a huge array from smaller pieces of equipment to the largest:
Isolation box, Bondage Chair, Whipping Bench, Watersports box, Bondage Table.

Fucking machine
With six speeds and an adjustable stroke, the fucking machine is a unique addition to the dungeon. It can be tilted and manoeuvred in many positions and just keeps on going. The end is crafted with a 'vac-u-lock' fitting so a selection of dildo's can be used.

Medical room with en suite toilet
Let either evil ‘Nurse Despair’ or the nice ‘Matron’ give you a full body examination in either authentic nurse wear or rubber, pvc uniforms. The clinic is 16x9 and equipped with Hydraulic Medical couch and an en-suite toilet and sink.

Instruments sterilised to above hospital standards.
Needle play, Permanent Piercing inc PA, Guiche, Frenum, Nipple, Catheters, Sounds inc rosebud, Bladder draining/washing, Prostate massage, Force-feeding, Enemas, Suturing, Electro-therapy, Corrective therapy.

Suspension and mummification room 16x14
I love bondage, and I feel that a room dedicated to total restriction and suspension was necessary for my play. Watching a slave wriggle with no means of escape brings me pure delight. In this room painted in black and purple with mirrored walls I can offer a variety of positions to humble even the most experienced of slaves. Listen as my boots step across the wooden floor to you. With a ceiling height of 11 foot, and a width of 16x14, in this room will you be the one to be raised without hope of escape? Be fully suspended in complete safety by industrial electric winches that take over 250kg each. This multi purpose room is additionally kitted out with scaffolding which can be used for mummification and more.

© 2009 thebondagemistress.com all rights reserved

Friday, April 18, 2008

Mistress DOMINA SRENI, Milano IT

CBT, Confinement/Caging, NBT (nipple and breast torture), Ballbusting, Domestic servitude, Human ashtray, Chastity devices, Dildos/buttplugs, Restraints/shackles, Forced feeding, Forced urination, Verbal humiliaton, Weights-pincers, Faceslapping, Hairpulling, Spitting, Human furniture, Teasing and denial, Correction scene, Caning, Paddle, Whipping, Flogging, Spanking, Animal training (domestic and pony), Interrogation scene, Boots-worship, Trampling, Bondage and rope bondage, Electroplay, Needle-play, Posture brace, Rubber, Shaving, Waxing, Sensory Deprivation, Roleplay (teacher, amazon, governess, militar, pvc outfits and corsets), TV transformation (wings-make up-accessories), Outgoing services for ponyplay

© www.dominasreni.net

Studio CHELSEA, Almere NL

© studiochelsea.net

You can have your own VIP treatment at our special Erotic VIP room. Imagine yourself upside down at the bondage wheel. Strapped on the bed and then nicely tucked in.
Obey the mistress because if you are not then she has a lot of opportunities to make it a real hard time for you. Before you play you can get something to drink at the bar.
Our staff are alaways available to explain possibilities and it's a good way to relax a little. There are some cages and other equipment so if you are to naughty then be warned. The Medical Room boasts a full compliment of Medical equipment including a treatment bed, Gyno. Chair, and all the implements needed to give you a thorough physical examination. The Red room is well equipped with some excellent toys. There's a nice cage. A bondage table which is great for spanking. A sling, cross and many other great items.
The rubber room is equipped with a vast range of Latex accessories too numerous to mention. Clothing here is supplied by DeMask and Cocoon - choose from the huge range of suits and heavy bondage gear in the large wardrobe. We also have a collection of gas masks - strictly for military historians of course! We have a brand new Bondage Bath in the Rubber Room. Anyone captured in this will find him/herself between layers of thick rubber, then weighted with water.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Mistress JASMINE, New York City US

Catering to fetish and fantasy roleplay, S&M, B&D, CBT, Crossdressing & medical themes. Located in the west side upper 30 in the fashion district. Feel confident to explore your innermost fantasies in a safe, relaxed, elegant atmosphere.
© mistressjasmine.com


The Mistress Patricia Marsh House of Domination and Fantasy is Toronto's leading Dungeon for the safe sane and consensual exploration of Female Domination and BDSM fantasies. Mistress Marsh - beautiful, strict and demanding lifestyle and professional Dominatrix extraordinaire - has created six superbly appointed Fantasy chambers designed to offer the ideal environment for bondage, discipline, sadomasochism and fetish fantasy role-play. Whether you fantasize about a leather or latex-clad Domina, strict teacher, sadistic interrogator, corporal punishment enthusiast, animal trainer, evil nurse, or seductive governess, Mistress Marsh has brought together some of the most decadent, creative, and imaginative Prodommes, submissives and slavegirls in Toronto.

The Medieval Dungeon
This awe-inspiring magical chamber with its plank floors, ancient wooden beams and earthen walls, and lofty ceilings with hand-painted occult symbols is at once a dungeon and a temple - uniting the sacred and the profane. This space radiates raw Power. Contained herein are the cage, the St. Andrew's cross, the stocks, the whipping post, the wheel of misfortune, and the dentist's chair. Bodies can be articulated, stretched, tilted, bent, rotated, and suspended, according to Mistress' diabolical designs.

The Grotto
In this cavernous space, you may feel as though you have entered the bowels of the earth. It is both intimidating and strangely intimate. Here the interrogation chair waits to hold you in its steel embrace. And should the Mistress have the "urge", you may find yourself bound to the sling and lowered into the golden spa. Whether Her whim is to discipline, humiliate, violate, torture, tickle, or tease and deny you, the hanging bondage board, spanking horse, or bondage bed will keep you at Her disposal.

The Class Room
Enter and step back in time. Notice the cool, pale green walls, the stark lighting, institutional clock, pencil sharpener, blackboard, waste paper basket, the black metal teacher's desk and the corner where one sometimes has to stand. Do your eyes drift inexorably over to the row of punishment implements neatly hanging from hooks on the wall?

The Examination Room
An austere antiseptic clinical environment for thorough examinations and a variety of 'special treatments' (including needles & electro- stimulation) and 'experiments'. Reluctant patients are restrained in straitjackets and strapped to the examination table. Equipped with a standard gynecological table with stirrups and leather straps, a hydraulic suture table, which can be adjusted in a variety of positions, and lots of medical equipment and paraphernalia.

The Transformation Salon
This pretty pink room is covered with girlie pin-up pictures and mirrors. Revel amongst wigs, makeup, lingerie, corsets, heels and dresses. Whet your appetite with just a taste of something silky on your buttocks, or succumb to being totally transformed into a beguiling feminine creature. Become the wanton slut you always wanted to be. A myriad of possible scenarios can ensue.

The Victorian Boudoir
An exquisite chamber adorned with mirrors and lace, period paintings, a canopy bed, a settee and a slipper chair for over-the-knee spankings. Here, domestic discipline, feminized prancing and preening, petticoat punishment, clumsy maid, and governess fantasies come to life. The perfect environment for foot & boot worship, trampling, doggy training, and traditional Victorian caning scenarios. Features three suspension systems which can accomodate a fantastic leather form-fitting suspension cage, sling, and, of course, the usual spreader bars

© www.patriciamarsh.com


The Queens elaborate Palace is extensively used for public humiliation floggings, nipple play, CBT, rope bondage, foot worship, hot wax and cigarette torture, objectification, degradation, spitting, humiliation and CBT. Travel back in time to the twelfth century into the palace of a Chinese Warlord. The room is resplendent with silk fabrics, oriental rugs, gold dusted walls, jade floors and ornate columns, and statues. Here in the Palace you may find yourself kneeling before your mistress as she sits upon her elaborate throne contemplating your fate.

Domination on a mat, we have it all. Pandora’s Box boasts an all star wrestling room. This room features a wall to wall Resilient Pro mat which provides superior shock-absorbency and protection. For your comfort and safety no expense has been spared in this room. We have head gear and knee protectors, professional boxing and martial art gloves.

The chinese torture room: A spanking bench, CBT bondage chair with adjustable legs, a foot worship throne, a 9 ft. double sided rack with overhead bondage suspension, each piece has been hand carved by a master craftsmen whose painstaking attention was riveted upon realizing the authenticity of these reproductions. The room also boasts a leather swing for strap-on play fantasies and for the ultimate in Japanese bondage a four point suspension wooden restraint cage.

The medical chamber: This room is used extensively for enemas, water sports, electric shock torture, violet wand play, behavior modification, piercings, catheters and sounds. The Medical Chamber was inspired by the sleek deco design of Fritz Lang’s Metropolis. Beneath the spider like chrome chandeliers, within the puckered chrome walls lie an antiqued gun metal hued cushioned ob-gyn table, a padded chrome gurney, an authentic early turn of the twentieth century wheel chair replete with leather restraints for the wicked and incorrigibly insane. The room contains an extensive array of surgical tools. We also offer unconventional therapeutic aids including but not limited to tens units, violet wands and single use/disposable medical necessities. The medical room has its own spa-like bathroom.

The china doll room: Transvestites, sissy maids and cross dressing sluts of all shapes and sizes are welcome to our Pretty in Pink Salon. Some of the services featured here are petticoat training, lessons in make-up application and female etiquette, house cleaning training and of course strap-on play. In the Pink Salon you will find an abundance of corsets, garter belts, stockings and petticoats, fishnets and mini skirts, high heel stilettos, boots, wigs and makeup, everything a girl needs to ultra feminize herself.

The school room: Corporal punishment is the favored method of dealing with class disruptions. Caning, over the knee spankings and time spent on the St. Andrews cross while enduring CBT and nipple torture are some of our Mistresses favorite behavior modification game.

The sanctum: The Spanish Inquisition inspired this replica of a sixteenth century church. Its stone walls, archways serve as the perfect setting for an hour or more of ritualistic pain and pleasure administered and enjoyed by the satanic sadomasochists who inhabit it. You will stand before your Inquisitor, stripped naked and publicly humiliated. This will be followed by hours of interrogation, electric shock torture, beatings and whippings. Hot wax will be poured over your cock and balls and your nipples pierced by white hot needles. You will endure the searing pain of ball busting but no one will hear you scream and thrown hooded and naked into the Sanctum Keep for hours or maybe days. Exact replicas of the instruments of torture utilized during the Inquisition were painstakingly produced by our master craftsmen. The Highlight of the Sanctum includes its wheel of agony for those souls brave enough to ride it.

© www.pandorasboxny.com

Lady ZARA, Munchen DE


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